Terms of Service

Please, before commissioning me, read these Terms of Service.
I work under the assumption that commissioners have fully read and comprehend the Terms of Service.

Applying for a Commission

Commissions are not all the time first come first serve.
I can pick with who I want to work with or also based on idea if I am okay with it!

What do you need to provide, when you're commissioning me?
Clear reference sheet, flat colored, not shaded.Your idea of what would you like to commission me, if you do like me to go with free hand, I am okay with that too!Understanding my Terms of Service!You must be over 18+!If I have any reason to believe you're not over 18, I will ask you for some identification otherwise I can refuse to work with you.
Yes, I do offer reserved slots!


Payment mostly is wanted over paypal.

I don't ask for payment unless I started commission or have finished sketch.After discussing your commission, I will always provide you with the whole final price!If you're new client and you're commissioning first time, I will ask for full payment when I am going to start with your commission!I can also offer half and half and to my most trusted clients even payin after the artwork is done.Artworks will be sent on your email AFTER the payment.
Yes, I do offer payment plans.


I have a queue on my SFW or NSFW Trello.
There you will find some colorful tags that say, paid, not paid, in progress and finished.

I will for sure keep contact with you with some updates.

If your commission hasn't been started and paid, please don't rush me.
I don't want to promise my time when I don't know what can future bring on my table.


If your commission wasn't paid or even started, I have the right to cancel.If commission was started, wasn't been paid and you want to cancel, you have no right to use made sketch.If commission has been started and paid, after approval of the sketch I don't do refunds because I am on my road progress to finish the artwork.
Yes I am willing to negotiate partial refund with possibility of you keeping the WIP.
I am trying to work as fast as I can to avoid long waiting for finishing artworks.

All these rules in my TOS are made so you and me are safe in the possible future misunderstandings.

Changing and Editing

If the commission is finished and after some time and after approval you want to change something:

If it's my -artists- mistake, no fee.
If it's something you would like to edit because of character redesign or anything else, mostly the fee comes to 20% or 50% of the price as it depends on the difficulty.

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